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One World Builders is a Florida Luxury Home Builder specializing in building premier custom homes. As an experienced luxury home builder, OWB is able to deliver unparalleled quality and service while delivering the home of your dreams. one world builders is able to design a home that is truly original in its architectural design and materials. Is it your dream to build a luxury home, one that no one has, a unique design for you! you have worked hard to accomplish the dream of home ownership, and now you want to find the perfect luxury home plan and design.

In addition to our commitment to the customer, our work sets itself apart from other custom home builders by a commitment to quality and value that is truly distinctive and uncompromising. In every luxury home that we build, we offer superior craftsmanship and use the finest materials. You'll find our exceptional staff to be knologeble and attentive to your vision and empowered to bring it to life. Our blueprint for success is as simple - and unique - as that.

Since 1997, we have been building homes and relationships nationally and worldwide. We love Florida and look forward to living and building here for years to come. We are proud of the fact that so many of our customers would build with us again and refer us to their friends. We would love the chance to meet with you and show you why One World Builders is the right builder for your next custom home.
What Defines Luxury Home Styles?

Many of the world’s most luxurious homes conform to a certain style of design, especially in the major cities and world destinations. Oftentimes, certain styles are more prevalent in different regions. For instance, the Craftsman style home is common in the American Pacific Northwest, while the Pueblo-style home is most frequent in the Southwest. Likewise, other styles are popular around the world, such as Victorian, Art Deco, Spanish Revival, or Mid-Century Modernism. And the most desired worldwide is the unmatched elegance, charm, luxury, and beauty of the Mediterranean style.

The common threads that all major home designs have are their integrity to the style, function, history, and to the landscape in which they are built. Home style and architecture in general plays a major role in the sense of place in any location, and lends itself to preserving the true spirit of the city or region. Any true architect will ensure his designs are not only reflective of the owner’s desires, but also of the region and backdrop for the home. We strive to ensure our many home styles fit each location and neighborhood well, in order for style and function to harmonize with the landscape.

A popular style we build is the Mediterranean home. This style usually features an open floor plan, outdoor living and ample natural light. These homes are the best family home, due to its beautiful and unique design, creative use of space, and its low environmental impact.
What Defines a Luxury Home Builders?

What is it about a home builder that sets them apart as a luxury home builder? We believe the builders of “luxury homes” have a greater natural commitment to their home buyers, based on the fact that we view each and every home as a unique investment. Other builders hurry to mass-produce communities without putting in the extra effort to ensure each home is not only built to code, but built well. We strive to create homes that we would want to live in ourselves. This means we take the extra step to provide top training to our building team, frequent on-site inspections, and individual attention to each project.

A luxury home builder also has an innate commitment to excellence, integrity, and loyalty to the overall design and function of the home. We want this home to be a place of beauty, relaxation, comfort, efficiency, and modernity – it is intended to be our clients’ castle, and we treat each project as such. We provide our clients with frequent updates on the status of their new home and are always ready to hear their questions, concerns, and desires. While other builders may be too busy or unwilling to provide this level of customer service, we believe it is all part of and essential to being a luxury home builder.

As builders of luxury homes, we know the family about to build each and every home expects only the best from us and our work. They never need to worry whether or not their home meets their exacting standards: our homes do. In addition, we take care to use top materials and products that not only have the best appearance, but also require the least amount of upkeep and repair, thus adding to the luxurious quality of life we endeavor to provide our clients.
What Defines Luxury Amenities?

What specific materials, appliances, and features do our clients look for in a luxury home? Most modern luxury homes feature all granite, marble, or similar solid surface countertops in the kitchen and baths. Likewise, the flooring should also complement the countertops, be it in a similar stone surface, hardwood, or plush carpeting. Kitchen appliances come in stainless steel, with upgrades to more energy-efficient and high grade type appliances, in order to save our clients money and provide them with the best cooking and dining experience possible.

Our heating, cooling, and laundry appliances are also top-notch. We strive to ensure these much-used appliances will stand the test of time, especially in cities with climates that often strains energy consumption and water resources. It is this environment that places the responsibility on us to conserve our resources. Our responsibility to the environment and to our clients is equal, and works hand in hand.

We also encourage our homeowners to customize their home with TV niches, book cases, breakfast nooks, and more. We are happy to work with our clients to make their home the most comfortable and convenient place we can. We believe these small details, often overlooked by mass-construction builders, make the biggest difference in giving our clients a higher quality of life, a better investment, and if applicable, a much better resale value in the long run.

The exterior of a home should also reflect the luxuriousness of the interior. We take pride in having a strong architectural style that displays warmth, personality, and creativity. Additionally, a luxury home should have a strong “curb appeal”, a harmonious blend of design, masonry, and organic elements that beautifies both the home and the neighborhood. Many of our home owners choose landscaping that further extends their luxury home outside.